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Blake. Shelley. Wordsworth. Larkin. Ted Hughes. The soft, sleepy countryside of England has always been a rich inspiration for the nation’s wordsmiths. As part of Radio 3’s The Essay, Novel builds out a next-gen take: five city-dwelling young poets leave the bedsits and bus routes behind to wander into the wilds, airing their very modern problems – urban alienation, pandemic blues, post-colonial beliefs – in today’s sweeping rural landscapes. Here, they find room to breathe and time to think, in an Arcadia both transformed and preserved.

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      • 01
      • 13.12.2021
      • Bird Song and Resonance

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      • 02
      • 14.12.2021
      • Meditation on Landscape, Bodies and Writing

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      • 03
      • 15.12.2021
      • When The Birds Sing We Are Safe

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      • 04
      • 16.12.2021
      • The Colour of Your Mind

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      • 05
      • 17.12.2021
      • The Hidden Valley

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